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Elevate Your Journey with Data Elements and Resume Forrest

Welcome to the heart of innovation – the Products offered by Digital Forrest ME. Our revolutionary solutions, Data Elements and Resume Forrest, are crafted to elevate your organization's data management capabilities and reshape the careers of tech talents.

API-Ready Brilliance

Data Elements: Decoupling Data for Unparalleled Performance

Data Elements is not just a solution; it's a decoupling layer that brings unprecedented performance, security, availability, robustness, and responsiveness to your data management. This dynamic tool acts as the bridge between data sources and consuming applications, ensuring a seamless flow of information.

Unlock the Power of Data

Data Model Management:

Map your data effortlessly, specifying names, sub-paths, fields, keys, collections, and upload data.


Client Management:

Connect clients to data models with ease, identifying names, secret keys, and private keys.



Empower clients with customized permissions, ensuring secure and controlled access to data models.


Domain Management:

Efficiently manage domains, identifying names, paths, and domain owner emails.

AI-Powered CV Creation

Resume Forrest: Revolutionizing CVs for Tech Talents

In a competitive job market, the struggle to stand out is real. Enter Resume Forrest, our flagship product designed to revolutionize resumes for tech talents. This AI-powered CV creation wizard breathes life into resumes, shaping them into dynamic representations of skills and accomplishments.

Revolutionize Your Career

Resume ATS Checker:

Analyze your resume against job descriptions, ensuring alignment with core skills.


Resume ATS AI Optimizer:

Let AI add missing keywords to boost your resume's performance in Application Tracking Systems.


Resume Builder:

Create ATS-compatible resumes from scratch using our intuitive builder and witness live edits in our viewer.


Resume Manager:

Organize all your resumes in our repository, tailoring each for specific job titles.


Resume Builder AI Chatbot:

Access our Resume Builder wizard through a convenient WhatsApp chatbot for ultimate convenience.

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